Monday, August 26, 2013

Ebi Sushi Façade Makeover Indiegogo Campaign

Current façade 

Supporters of Ebi Sushi, one of my favorite Japanese restaurants, recently launched an Indigogo campaign to raise funds for a makeover of their building's façade, which doesn't really reflect what the inside of the restaurant is like or how good the food is. I admit that for a long time I didn't go in because it looked like a dive. I only investigated after hearing a rave review from a regular customer. Had it not been for her, I might never have gone. I think a lot of Ebi Sushi's customers have come through word of mouth. Many of my friends have become regular customers and everyone says the same thing - they're shocked the food is good because they didn't want to go because of the outside.

The vision

Perks run the gamut:

  • $10 gets you a shout out on their Facebook page
  • $20 gets you an origami crane (folded by me!) Update 8/31/13: It seems I was given incorrect information. I thought you got to keep the crane but I just noticed that the perk actually states that the crane will hang in the restaurant in your honor. I suspect that if you'd rather have the crane, José will be more than happy to let you take it home.
  • $25 gets you 10 free miso soups
  • $50 gets you entrance to a sake (and food) tasting event
  • $150 gets you a private sushi class at the restaurant with co-owner José Garcia


  1. May I ask what dished you enjoyed at Ebi Sushi aside from the sushi? The menu is massive and covers a lot of bases, so some suggestions would be nice. I often go after sports and in a very hungry state, so I've enjoyed the grilled-meat plates (ex. Japanese-style steak) which have good portions.

    1. Ah yes, the grilled-meats would be a good idea after sports. I've had them a few times. I actually don't eat sushi most of the time. I'm really fond of noodles and soup so I have the shrimp tempura udon regularly. When I'm hungrier I get the yosenabe I'm also quite fond of their okonomiyaki, which I haven't found anywhere else in Boston and hadn't had since I was kid until I found it at Ebi. It's not quite enough food for a meal though. I usually get it with a cucumber maki. I also like the Salmon Ikura Don

      Oh, and their Tatsuta-age (fried chicken) is one of my favorites. Also one of Jose's favorites. You can get it as a set meal or an appetizer. My friend is addicted to their curry, which surprisingly I don't have a picture of. I'd imagine that would be a good hearty after-sports meal. (Personally I prefer Pikaichi's curry.)