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Directory of Greater Boston Japanese Healthcare Providers

This post is a work in progress. Am I missing something? Let me know at keiko dot in dot boston [at] gmail dot com!

Disclaimer: This directory is provided for informational purposes. I cannot vouch for the professionalism or expertise of these healthcare providers. Always research your healthcare provider's professional history.

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Japanese Doctors

[Last updated: August 2013]

Dr. Mayumi Chantani-Hinze, MD - Family Medicine | Salem, NH

Dr. George Hayao, MD - Internal Medicine | Boston, MA & Lowell, MA 

Dr. Masahisa Hijikata, MD - Urology | Lynn, MA

Dr. Tatsuo Hirose, MD - Opthamology | Brookline, MA

Dr. Sadamu Ishikawa, MD - Internal Medicine | Brighton, MA

Dr. Tatsuo Kawai, MD, PhD - Transplant Surgeon | Boston, MA

Dr. Hideo Makimura, MD, PhD - Internal Medicine & Endocrinology | Boston, MA

Dr. Yuko McColgan, MD - Family Medicine | Brookline, MA

Dr. Shizuo Mukai, MD - Opthamology | Boston, MA

Dr. Kyoko Okamura, MD, MPH - Obstetrics/Gynecology | Brookline, MA
According to Dr. Okamura's website, she has an RN who conducts childbirth and lactation support classes in Japanese.

Dr. Nao Sakurai, MD - Family Practice | Holyoke, MA

Dr. Naomi Shimizu, MD - Surgery, Trauma & Burns | Boston, MA

Dr. Masanori Takeoka, MD - Child Neurology | Boston, MA

Japanese Dentists

[Last updated: September 2013]

Dr. Hiroshi Hinenoya, DDS | Boston, MA - Financial District

Dr. Kikuko Hirayama, DMD - Pediatric Dentistry | Boston, MA - Back Bay | Yelp

Dr. Taketo Kaneyoshi, DMD | Gardner, MA

Dr. Ritsuko Mizoguchi, DMD, DDS | Location unclear - possibly Randolph, MA & Dedham, MA

Dr. Kayoko Obara, DMD, DDS | Brookline, MA

Dr. Yuko Torigoe, DMD | Chestnut Hill, MA

Yamamoto & Associates - General Dentistry and Periodontics | Newton, MA | Yelp
I'm told that Drs. Hideo Yamamoto, DMD & Satomi Samantha Yamamoto, DMD, DDS are a husband and wife team.

Japanese Mental Health Professionals

[Last updated: September 2013]

Update 5/14/18: I haven't updated this section in a long time. Just found out that JB Line has a list of Japanese-speaking mental health counselors. Rather than duplicate the info here, I'm just linking to it. Note that their page is in a mix of Japanese and English. You can view it with Google Translate here.

Your insurance company may have a list of Japanese-speaking mental health providers. Even if a mental health provider is not listed with your insurance company, it may be possible for them to sign up to work with you under a "single case agreement." Ask the provider if they are willing to fill out this paperwork. Your insurance company might approve a provider either because they don't have any or many Japanese-speaking providers or even if you need a Japanese provider for cultural reasons.

Dr. Yoshiharu Akabane, MD - Psychiatry | Lynn, MA

Dr. Kumiko Ide, PhD, LMFT, | Cambridge, MA | Psychology Today

Yuki Kawaguchi, LMFT, LMHC | Cambridge, MA & Northampton, MA | Psychology Today

Akané Kominami, LICSW | Boston, MA
Works with LGBTQ youth.

Dr. Helen Kyomen, MD - Psychiatry | Location unclear - possibly Salem, MA or Belmont, MA

Naoko Metz, MA, LMHC | Boston, MA

Fusako I. Page, LICSW, ACSW | Malden, MA & Lynn, MA | Psychology Today

Dr. Sumio Shinohara, PhD, PsyD | Boston, MA | Thrive Boston Counseling

Kazuko Takeuchi, PsyD | Location unclear - possibly Beverly, MA or Northampton, MA

JB Line (Japanese Bostonians Support Line)
While this is not a substitute for professional help, if you need someone to talk to immediately, you can call JB Line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Although their website is entirely in Japanese, they say they provide phone support in English as well. 

Japanese Acupuncturists

[Last updated: September 2012]

Kenji Fukunaga, Lic. Ac. | Portsmouth, NH & Exeter, NH

Kiiko Matsumoto, Lic. Ac. | Newton Highlands, MA | Yelp

Tamie Taniguchi Bilazzo, Lic. Ac., MAOM | Lexington, MA | Yelp

Chiaki Tomii, Lic. Ac. | Burlington, MA & Woburn, MA

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