Sunday, August 16, 2015

Comment Policy

After three years I have finally come to the point of needing a comment policy. I wish it weren’t necessary but I'm not interested in this blog being a space like so many others on the Internet where divisiveness rules.

I’m publishing this so that anyone whose comment is not published will know why. I welcome comments even if you don’t agree with me or other commenters but if you’re not capable of discussing something in a civil tone then this is not the forum for you. Strong language is okay if it’s service of making a point, but not if it’s directed at someone. Anyone who thinks this is an infringement of their free speech rights should know that as this is my blog, you're not guaranteed free speech here. I choose what to publish.

Comments that I will not publish:
  • Those that contain hate speech of any kind.
  • Personal attacks directed at me or anyone else.
  • Those that are inflammatory.
  • Obvious trolling.
  • Those with no substance that appear to be for the purpose of driving traffic to your site. (Notifications that you've linked to my blog are okay, unless your blog is full of hate speech or ideas I don't want to help propagate.)

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