Sunday, July 28, 2013

Miso Market is closing in August

Update 8/4/13: Miso Market seems to have gone on vacation in the middle of their closing sale. A sign in the window said they'll reopen on August 22nd. Sale is now 50% off and they're cash only. Things are looking quite bare inside.

Update 7/29/13: Sale is now 30% off.

More bad news for Japanese food lovers. Yesterday, I heard from a friend that Miso Market in Porter Square is closing. I went by today to check it out. It seems the redevelopment of their building has forced them out so they're planning to close on August 30th. Almost all of their inventory is on sale for 25% off (fresh bento and rice are excluded). I'll be a little surprised if they make it to the end of August. The shelves are already a bit bare, although there's a little bit of most things (refrigerated food, snacks, candy, tea) and some odds and ends (appliances, candles, Japanese dishes). I picked up food storage containers and candy.

I'm sad to see them go, although I have to admit I haven't shopped there very much. Parking is hit or miss - sometimes you get lucky and there's metered parking available in front of the store (although it can be stressful/difficult to park with crazy Mass Ave. traffic) but other times it's impossible, so I usually shop at Reliable and Ebisuya which both have plenty of hassle-free free parking.

Japan Village Mart in Brookline Village closed a few months ago, although I was never able to find out why. My friend seemed to think Cherry Mart on Newbury Street closed a few years ago, but I found a Yelp review as recently as last July and their G+ page is still up. If anyone knows whether they're still in business, please leave a comment. If they are closed, that'll make Ebisuya in Medford the only remaining Japanese grocery store in the Boston area.

H Mart is supposedly coming to Central Square in November or December, but we'll see if that happens. Their opening has been delayed by more than a year, which I'm sure Reliable and Lotte are happy about.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Yakitori Zai Closed until early August

Update 7/28/13: A reader says they put up a sign that they'll be closed until 8/30. I just noticed that their website says: "We will resume regular hours of operation from Tuesday, September 10th."

Very sad - I tried to go to Yakitori Zai for cold ramen today and they were closed! I went earlier this summer and had their Garden Vegetable Mazamen (cold noodles under salad with a very spicy ginger dressing) which was quite tasty. I had planned to have their tonkotsu tsukemen (cold noodles with warm broth very similar to their winter tonkotsu broth). The friends who had it last time I went said it was good. I hope they'll actually reopen on schedule!

Garden Vegetable Mazamen

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Upcoming Boston Area Japanese Festivals

14th Annual Lantern Festival, Jamaica Plain

I'm way behind on posts (including one that I meant to post on July 7th, saying that Japanese-American in Boston turned one!) but wanted to make sure to tell folks about some upcoming festivals. While we don't have a really traditional obon festival, we do have:

15th Annual Lantern Festival

Date & Time
Thursday, July 18, 2012
6 - 9pm
(Raindate: Thursday, July 25, 2013)

Lake Hibiscus, Forest Hills Cemetery

Bon Dance Festival

"The Bon Dance is a very traditional Japanese event. Through this event, families and students are able to experience and enjoy the cultural diversity that is part of our school. There will be international food booths and game booths sponsored by the Parents Association for the enjoyment of everybody who comes to the festival. It is open to the public and everyone is welcome! This is the last school event for the students celebrate their good work throughout the year, and both parents and students enjoy themselves in a relaxed atmosphere."

Date & Time
Sunday, August 11, 2013
3:30 - 5pm

Boston Higashi School, School Back Field

Natsu Matsuri (Summer Festival)

Tewassa will be there and it looks like The Genki Spark will be performing at 2:30!

Date & Time
Sunday, August 19, 2013
11:30am - 3:30pm


If you know of any other upcoming Japanese festivals, please leave a comment!