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Where to find Japanese groceries

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We have just one remaining exclusively Japanese grocery store in all of New England, but there are many other places to buy Japanese groceries in the Greater Boston area which may be more conveniently located for you and may have better prices. Selection at some of these stores is quite limited, but many of them have staples & snacks.

Non-Japanese Asian Grocery Stores

[Last updated: July 2014]

Hong Kong Supermarket (no website) | Boston, MA - Allston/Packard's Corner | Yelp
Pan-Asian - Groceries from all over Asia. Formerly a Super 88 location. The big Super 88 sign is still on the roof. Large food court with Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Korean, and Chinese food (including dim sum!) as well as bubble tea and dessert (ice cream, frozen yogurt, cake). Pikaichi is also in the building in a dedicated space separate from the food court.

Korean-owned Pan-Asian: This location has some Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, & Thai groceries.  Food court with Korean bakery and Korean, Japanese, Chinese, & Vietnamese food.

H Mart | Cambridge, MA | Yelp
4/7/14: The Cambridge location is opening on Wednesday, April 23rd.
Food court will have a Korean bakery, Japanese curry, ramen, and sushi.

Mirim Oriental Groceries (no website) | Boston, MA - Allston | Yelp
Korean: Japanese staples, small selection of snacks & candy, and some other random Japanese groceries.

Korean: A lot of Japanese groceries.  They also have Japanese & Korean alcohol.

Super 88 (no website) | Malden, MA | Yelp
Pan-Asian: Groceries from all over Asia + American groceries. Huge produce section.

Fresh Fish

[Last updated: January 2013]

In addition to Sakanaya (See Other Japanese Food Businesses), I'm told that these fish markets are popular with Japanese folks. 

American Grocery Stores

Many Shaw's and Stop & Shop locations have a small section of their international aisle dedicated to Japanese food. It tends to be limited to packaged food and snacks.

Whole Foods Market carries American brand "Japanese" food such as Eden Foods, Great Eastern Sun, and South River Miso Company.

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