Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More ramen coming to Porter Square!

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A few weeks ago, José Garcia, owner of Ebi Sushi, told me that he'd heard there was a new ramen shop coming to Porter Sq., somewhere between Dunkin Donuts and Miso Market. He said there was advertising in the window. I walked the stretch between Miso Market and Davenport St. and didn't see any empty restaurants and only one empty storefront (formerly Roach's Sporting Goods). In the other direction, the former spots of Bob Slate Stationer and McIntyre & Moore are still empty, but I didn't figure they would want to convert any of these spaces into restaurants. I didn't walk the stretch between Davenport and Dunkin Donuts because I thought I could see that everything was occupied.

I found these rumors on Eater, but nothing else.

Today I was walking by what I thought was ZING! Pizza at 1923 Mass Ave. when I noticed there were buckets on the floor and it appeared to be closed. I walked up to the window to peer in and saw that the window was covered with pictures of restaurant openings in Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo & Hyogo and magazine articles about ramen!!! Unfortunately, I couldn't read the articles because they're in Japanese. :( I didn't have my camera so couldn't take a picture.  It seems Eater was right that it's Yumewokatare.

Porter Sq. already has Sapporo Ramen in the Porter Exchange, but I haven't been excited about them since they changed their menu a few years ago.  It will be very exciting to have another ramen option in Porter.

Also, I had no idea ramen had become trendy.

Update 7/18/12: Rumor has it that the new ramen place will open this fall. Can't wait!
Update 8/6/12: There are signs in the window saying "Sept Open"!

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