Sunday, July 21, 2013

Yakitori Zai Closed until early August

Update 7/28/13: A reader says they put up a sign that they'll be closed until 8/30. I just noticed that their website says: "We will resume regular hours of operation from Tuesday, September 10th."

Very sad - I tried to go to Yakitori Zai for cold ramen today and they were closed! I went earlier this summer and had their Garden Vegetable Mazamen (cold noodles under salad with a very spicy ginger dressing) which was quite tasty. I had planned to have their tonkotsu tsukemen (cold noodles with warm broth very similar to their winter tonkotsu broth). The friends who had it last time I went said it was good. I hope they'll actually reopen on schedule!

Garden Vegetable Mazamen


  1. A sign has gone up saying they will now be closed until 8/30. Thanks for the tip on the cold noodles - I'm looking fwd to those.