Saturday, September 15, 2012

More yakitori coming to Boston

Update 11/7/12: The name of the new restaurant is Ittoku.
Update 11/11/13: Ittoku is finally open! See First Look: Ittoku!

José Garcia, owner of Ebi Sushi, told me a few weeks ago that one of his sushi chefs, Chiki-san, and his brother, Carlos (owner of Café Mami) were planning to open a yakitori restaurant in Brighton soon.

I caught up with Chiki-san today and he filled me on some of the details. The new restaurant is a joint venture between him, Carlos, and 2 people Manabu Ito and Taiji Mineo of Sapporo Ramen in Porter Square. It will seat 100! They plan to serve yakitori, ramen, sushi, and izakaya-style dishes. I forgot to ask if they'll be serving the same ramen as Sapporo or developing new recipes. I'm told they will serve the same ramen as Sapporo. I suspect the yakitori will be cheaper than Yakitori Zai. Chiki-san said they hope to open in January 2013. No name yet, but I will post as soon as they announce it.

I was going to post the location of the restaurant, but they haven't signed the lease yet and I see that there seems to be a restaurant that is still operating in that space. Presumably the landlord has told the previous tenant that they are planning to rent to someone else, but I don't want to cause any trouble. Can't find any rumors about the restaurant closing. Will post the location after I confirm with Chiki-san that it's okay.

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