Friday, August 30, 2013

Inside the redecorated Yume Wo Katare

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Yume Wo Katare was closed for most of the summer, but they're reopening tonight. I got a picture through the window a couple of weeks ago which didn't show much, so I stopped by this afternoon and got some shots of the interior. It's more of a makeover than a renovation. A guy named Hayato did the artwork and they have a new mascot - Buta-Ra-Man!


Ninniku Iremasuka?

The Three Little Pigs and the Big Delicious Bowls

You might wonder what the deal is with the gold train. I asked Tsuyoshi what it was and he said "To-ma-su" (as in Thomas the Tank Engine), then he said it was actually Yume-su (note the kanji for yume on the back).


Tasty cha-su ready to go

More photos beginning here.


  1. I'm looking fwd to going tomorrow night. I passed by during lunch today that they had a schedule for the month:

    1. Thanks! That wasn't up the last time I was there. I've added a link to my "Everything you need to know about YWK" post.