Friday, August 30, 2013

Inside the redecorated Yume Wo Katare

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Yume Wo Katare was closed for most of the summer, but they're reopening tonight. I got a picture through the window a couple of weeks ago which didn't show much, so I stopped by this afternoon and got some shots of the interior. It's more of a makeover than a renovation. A guy named Hayato did the artwork and they have a new mascot - Buta-Ra-Man! (10/11/17: The artist is Hayato Kawai, who has been Yume Wo Katare's Creative Director since August 2012.)


Ninniku Iremasuka?

The Three Little Pigs and the Big Delicious Bowls

You might wonder what the deal is with the gold train. I asked Tsuyoshi what it was and he said "To-ma-su" (as in Thomas the Tank Engine), then he said it was actually Yume-su (note the kanji for yume on the back).


Tasty cha-su ready to go

More photos beginning here.


  1. I'm looking fwd to going tomorrow night. I passed by during lunch today that they had a schedule for the month:

    1. Thanks! That wasn't up the last time I was there. I've added a link to my "Everything you need to know about YWK" post.