Friday, August 9, 2013

Short Film: Ramen Dreams

I have ramen on the brain today, possibly because I read about Ramen Burger last night. I decided to go to Pikaichi for my usual and when I was on my way there, I drove by a new Japanese restaurant called Inaka that a friend had mentioned to me but that I'd forgotten to look up. Come to find out they're a ramen and donburi restaurant. They're getting mixed reviews but I'll have to go check it out.

After coming home I spent more time reading about Ramen Burger, which alas, is in Williamsburg. I hadn't realized that the creator, Japanese American Keizo Shimamoto, is also the writer of GO RAMEN! which I'd come across when Yume Wo Katare was competing in the 2012 NY Street Ramen Contest. He's also featured in a short film called Ramen Dreams, which seems a little like a short ramen version of Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Apparently one year Keizo ate 600 bowls of ramen. I'm envious. You might want to grab a tissue before you watch this. You may find yourself drooling. I'm already ready for more ramen.

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