Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Reopenings: Miso Market, Yume Wo Katare

Update 8/21/13: Miso Market's hours on August 22nd will be noon - 5pm. I'm unclear if that will be their hours for the rest of the month. Metal shelving will also be on sale for $25 & $35.

Miso Market is reopening this Thursday, August 22nd for their final few days before they close for good at the end of the month. I spoke to owners, Steve and Fumi Genova, before their vacation and they told me they have no plans to reopen Miso Market in a new location because they couldn't find another space to relocate to in the Porter Square area, which is too bad.

At long last, Yume Wo Katare is reopening on Friday, August 30th! They've even created a Facebook event for it. Yes, they're now on Facebook. They also have a new mascot. I guess he's Butaman? He's Buta-Ra-Man - says it right on the window, but I failed to see it.

I've missed their ramen, but I think it's still too hot for jiro for me. I was thinking of getting some Yume Wo Katare cha-su to try a men bāgā (メンバーガー), the Japanese-style ramen "burger".

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