Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yume Wo Katare runner-up in NY Street Ramen Contest!!!

for more information.

I tried to find this info earlier but couldn't. I just did one final search before turning in and found out that Yume Wo Katare got runner-up in Round 3 of the NY Street Ramen Contest! (10/18/17: Bah, their website has been hacked so I've removed the link. You can check them out on Facebook. Site archived here.) Yay! That means they'll compete against the 3 winners and 2 other runners-up.

That's Tsuyoshi-san in red on the left. He looks really excited. 

Date and location of the 2012 Championship Round have yet to be announced.

Tsuyoshi-san's cap

More photos over @ GO RAMEN!.

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