Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yume Wo Katare opening any day now

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Open Oct 12?

I made friends with owners, Tsuyoshi & Naomi Nishioka, today!

Great news - Yume Wo Katare passed their health and gas inspections today and if all goes well with fire & building tomorrow, they plan to be open this Friday, October 12th!! Then they'll be away for a couple of days participating in a ramen contest on Sunday (I assume it's New York Street Ramen 2012 - Naomi wasn't sure of the name). Yume Wo Katare will be open Tuesday-Saturday and closed Sunday & Monday.

Yume Wo Katare Menu

Yume Wo Katare won't be for everyone and Tsuyoshi-san knows that. You need to love noodles, pork, and have a big appetite! They will serve only one kind of ramen - pork or more pork, which I know is sad news for those who can't or won't eat pork. This will be our first fresh ramen in Boston - all noodles will be made in-house and the first batch of flour was imported from Japan. (I'm not counting Guchi's Midnight Ramen, which does make the ramen fresh, since they're a pop-up restaurant). Future flour orders will probably not be. (11/26/12: They're still using Nisshin Seifun) Pikaichi & Sapporo both order their ramen from California. Portion size will also be vastly different. Tsuyoshi-san said that 120g (4.23 oz) is the standard in Japan but they will serve 350g (12.35 oz) in each bowl of ramen! Pikaichi serves 6 oz which their signs say is larger than the "industry standard of 5 oz." Not sure about Sapporo or Mentei, but I think they serve less than 6 oz.

Your choices are Ramen ($12 - tax included) or Buta Ramen ($14 - basically extra pork). Ramen comes with 2 pieces of pork and Buta Ramen has 5 pieces. Both have the same ridiculous amount of noodles, a heaping serving of cabbage & bean sprout mix, fresh minced garlic, seabura (which Google tells me is pork back fat), and soy sauce pork broth. Extra toppings are free if you actually think you need it. Folks should be aware that they won't be doing take-out and leftovers also can't be taken home. There's also no sharing, except for kids under 12. For drinks they have bottled water, Ito En Oi Ocha (unsweeted), Ito En Golden Oolong (unsweetened), and Red Bull!

Someone had told me the Nishiokas were quite young and was wondering how they had managed to open a restaurant in the US. Tsuyoshi-san said that it's been his dream to open a ramen shop here since 2008. In the mean time he opened several ramen shops in Japan (Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, Hyogo) and when they decided it was time, he sold each shop to its manager to raise capital for his very first ramen shop in America.

You'll notice that the walls are covered in mostly empty frames. If I understood correctly you can "rent" each frame (different price point for different sizes and the sizes correspond to a period of time) and write your "dream" (what you hope/wish for, not what you were dreaming as you slept). If it comes true in the length of time of your frame you win different prizes (bowl of ramen, t-shirt, clock, etc.). So far all the dreams are in Japanese although I did notice the word "girlfriend" so perhaps someone is hoping for a girlfriend in 3 months time. The most ambitious frame is the 10 year frame which will be $10,000 to rent. The small frames are 3 months and I think he said they're $15 $10. This is something he started doing in his very first ramen shop in Kyoto, which had the same name.

Wall of dreams

Can't wait!!!


  1. Did you get a phone number for their store? Thanks for the post!

    1. Oops, I just noticed that when I replied to you last night I did it as a new comment, not a reply, so I don't know if you saw it. Anyway, i asked today and if I understood correctly, they're not planning to publish their phone number. It's pretty much a mom & pop operation so they're too busy to field phone calls. Someone is working on a website but it's not up yet. If you have any questions, let me know. I may be able to answer them.

    2. Thanks for all the info! Your blog was the only way I could find exact details about the opening -- really appreciate it. I went and loved it!

  2. Not yet. There was some confusion about the phone today that I didn't quite understand. They were testing it and I think it didn't work. Probably just as well since were too busy to answer the phone tonight. :) I will try to find out what it is and post it.