Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bananas @ Yume Wo Katare

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The other night I posted a picture of someone receiving a banana on his way out. I said I would explain later but I've been too tired to do my opening night write up, so I'm just going to write about the bananas.


In the afternoon I saw a case of bananas in the front of the shop. I thought it was odd but assumed that maybe they had been delivered by accident. I finally asked someone about them and he told me that it was a joke. I think it was pretty much, "You've just finished the largest bowl of ramen you've ever had in your life and probably can't even think about eating again. Have a banana for breakfast!" Everyone on staff thought it was uproariously funny and most customers also appreciated the joke although some were just very confused.

When they were chasing down customers to give them bananas I heard them explain that it was omiyage (souvenir) and for asagohan (breakfast). We actually nearly ran out of bananas. Someone was dispatched to Shaw's partway through the night to buy a few dozen more!

However, don't expect a banana if you go. This was just for opening night.

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