Monday, December 24, 2012

KFC = Christmas in Japan


I was still a baby the last time I was in Japan on Christmas so I don't remember a thing about Christmas in Japan. I was surprised to learn from a friend that if you were to ask a Japanese person to name the thing they most associate with Christmas (or rather Kurisumasu), they'd say KFC. Apparently, back in the '70s, some brilliant KFC Japan employee decided they should market their fried chicken as a special Christmas meal, and thus, a new Japanese tradition was born. Some people report that this was because expats couldn't find turkey anywhere in Japan and KFC was the closest they could get. Whatever the origin, it's paid of massively for KFC.


  1. Hi Keiko:
    Thank you for writing this blog for the JA community and especially the blog on November 22nd that included Aiden and me.

    I may be in Boston the beginning of April and would love to see if we could connect. My email address is or you can message me on facebook . . . Marsha Aizumi.

    Look forward to hearing from you,

    1. Hi Marsha - You're very welcome! Thanks for writing. Sometimes I wonder who's reading. (^_^)