Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bread is back at Japonaise Bakery!

I stopped by Japonaise Bakery in Brookline today and BREAD IS BACK! I was busy picking out onigiri and pastries and although I noticed sandwiches in the case next to the onigiri it didn't register. Then I spotted a Chocolate Horn and started to ask if they were making bread again at which point I interrupted myself because I spotted the Shoku Pan on the counter. One of the staffers I spoke to who I think might be the baker said that they've been making bread again for about a week and hope to get back to the full range of offerings they've had in the past. When I asked, "Even curry pan?" he said yes, they hope so. Which also means cake donuts. OMG. ^_^

Left: Croquette Roll, Right: Tuna Salad Roll

Their deep fryer broke at some point in 2013 or 2014 followed by some bread-making equipment earlier this year. On recent visits to the bakery there hasn't been much on offer and I worried that they might close. Hopefully now that they have closed the Porter Square location they can focus on the Brookline location. As I've said before, Japonaise Bakery is the only source of freshly made Japanese breads in the Boston area. Ebisuya has Japanese bread trucked up from Parisienne Bakery in New Jersey.

Shoku Pan loaves waiting to be cut

They have also extended their hours.