Sunday, February 24, 2013

3/11 Events

I've posted some updates about the Tsunami+Sandy+Deep Water Horizon: bringing awareness after the disaster events in Dorchester, which includes a memorial on 3/11.

Kyoko Wada, a Japanese tea instructor based at MIT is also holding a 3.11 Japan Memorial Charity 2013 event at Showa Boston's Sanzashi-An Tea House on Sunday, March 3rd. I'm sorry I forgot to post about it sooner - you need to RSVP by tomorrow for one of the four sittings. A $20 donation is suggested. Donations will benefit Bright Green Ribbon.

If you know of any other 3/11 events, please leave a comment. I find it frustrating that we don't have a central clearinghouse for Japanese-themed events in Boston. I just found out that I missed an interesting talk back in January about the only Japanese Temple Bell in the United States in the Back Bay Fens. It looks like they also had the talk last year so perhaps they'll do it again next year.

Update 2/26/13:

Bon-sho @ Byodo-In Temple, Kaneohe, Hawaii

Tonight I suddenly remembered that I'd seen a bon-sho (Byodo-In's website defines it as "sacred bell") in Hawaii a couple of years ago. I'm not sure if their bell is considered a different type from the one in the Fens, but it was made in Osaka, so it was incorrect of me to say that the Fens bell is the only Japanese temple bell in the United States. The Byodo-In bell was made specifically for them, so the Fens bell may well be the only Japanese temple bell in the US that used to be in use in Japan.

Byodo-In is gorgeous. I'd recommend stopping by if you're ever on Oahu. You'd almost think you were in Japan except for the local flora & fauna.

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